Q: What are Topographies?

A: My Topographies are directly inspired by my love of travel. Experiencing a new landscape, studying the maps and actually treading upon new terrain all give me such delight.

My exploration of Morocco, a harsh yet exciting landscape, set me thinking about Beryl Markham's early flights over Africa. Her navigational maps mostly read “uncharted”. This had me wondering how much of my life is uncharted? I can barely escape my cell phone, notebook, e-reader and computer. When do I take time to notice, truly notice, where I'm walking, what's under my feet, stare at the clouds or simply reflect?

My hike in and out of the Grand Canyon (I've never been a runner so I've not experienced runner's high but, I sure did experience canyon high) put me in touch with my need to be uncharted, this was my unfettered opportunity to just be with the landscape. Every bend and turn provided another look at how vast and uncompromising this world is.

These Topographies will give you my sense of this time—uncharted and unfettered. Enjoy your journey, as it can be short.

Q: What inspires your Soft Landings?

A: This is where you may go for solace, comfort and decompression. Spend some time with one of these paintings and you will be renewed. My sense of place will offer you emotional and tactile release. Here your sublime confidence will be restored; in this place time and loss cease.


Q: Describe your Landscapes.

A: Since I started my exploration of abstracted landscapes in 2007, I continue to shear the earth, bend botanical specimens, put things in odd perspective and tickle your fancy; all while recalling the unsentimental beauty of nature.

My garden is my manna, if feeds me and feeds my soul. Many days I look no further than my own plot for inspiration; it's in constant change, changes from season to season, from one garden plan to another and change exacted by the critter population. Some days the slugs win. It's always a matter of flux, regeneration and change.



Q: Tell us about some of your travels.

A: Lately I have been into personal challenges. For instance, I trekked up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Yes, I did it, 19,131 feet. It was probably the most difficult physical effort of my life.

For Make A Wish, I completed a 24.1 mile hike. Yes, in one day! I surpassed my fundraising goal and  raised nearly $3500. The total effort for the group raised enough money to fund 60 wishes.

I have Croatia, Florence, Paris and Montenegro on my "to travel" list.